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Mermaids of the Canary Islands © 1998 Ashkar
30 x 35, Oil on Canvas

Limited Edition Giclee Print Available

The Pleiades © 2006 Ashkar
20 x 30, Oil on Canvas $6,250

Cherubs © 1995 Ashkar
influenced after Anthonis Van Dyke, 17th Century
  24 x 40, Oil on Canvas

Europa and Jupiter  © 1982 Ashkar
influenced after Noel Nicolas Coypel, 18th Century
Harpsichord Lid, Oil on Wood

Bacchanal Celebration © 1981 Ashkar
after Nicolas Poussin, 17th Century
Detail of Clavichord Lid, Oil on Wood

Clavichord Lid and Japanning © 1981 Ashkar
 Oil on Wood, Japanning Lacquer on Wood

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