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Right: Tim Ashkar at 50 Years
Left: at 27 Years

Tim Ashkar is a first generation, American born, Multicultural Fine-Artist of French and Lebanese descent. Through out 1978, Ashkar had the honor of studying art under Judith Serbaroli, the daughter of the also renowned Italian artist Hector Serbaroli. "The education I received from Judith was in the classical tradition, with the belief that one paints intelligently and honestly, leaving one’s inner feelings a subconscious attribute" Ashkar says. During that time he learned the technique of painting called alla prima.

Ashkar is best known for creating the classic painting "The Beauty of Color", created in 1992, published and distributed as Open-Edition Prints by Haddad's Fine Arts in 1993. Other accomplishments including artworks for the Pickfair Mansion and murals for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Weekend of 1992. Ashkar created many fine art projects for the entertainment industry; he was a member of the Scenic & Title Artist Local 816, from 1979 through the mid 1990's. There  are numerous private portraits and commissions, a partial list of his clients include Dr. Jerry Buss, Dr. Marlon Brooks, Dr. Yvonne Noel, Mr. and Mrs. John Ratzenberger, Mr. and Mrs. John Dzundza, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Steinkelner, and Ms. Lucinda Carver, conductor of the Los Angeles Mozart Orchestra. Most of his clients are repeat collectors of his art. His publishers and distributors include Haddad’s Fine Arts and McGaw Graphics.

Ashkar Studios was founded in the year 2000, with the goal of publishing Limited-Edition Gilcee Prints of Ashkar's Multicultural Art. The Website; was created in 2006, revamped in 2013 to establish Ashkar's presence on the Internet.

Series of Ashkar include:

Big Sur, California 1991 - 1999

The Beauty of Africans and African-Americans 1992 - 1998. The majority of Ashkar's Published/Distributed Open-Edition Prints are from this Series.
Two Women Series
1994 - 2000, "Sisters" is from this Series and was Published/Distributed as an Open-Edition Print by Haddad's Fine Arts in 1995.

Beautiful Women Suite
2001 - 2011,  "The Letter" and "In the Solarium" are Self-Published Limited-Edition Giclees Prints from this series.

Old World Series 2009 - Current.

On-going Series include the Mufti-Cultural Series, which is simply the Concept of Inclusion.
Also; The Beautiful Women Series, in which the goal is to portray women in a positive way showing their independence, beauty and intelligence. Pieces from this Series are through out the Site (especially Allegories).
Ashkar says, Through my art, I try to portray the beauty and humanity that all people share.

Being an Artist and Artistic Objectives:

My primary concentration up until my thirties had been on the development of my artistic skills. Once my skills were developed to a satisfactory level, I then concentrated on what I wanted to say with my artistic skills.
An interesting aspect of being an artist is that you really do not hit your stride until later in life; another is to analyze beauty, not the Hollywood version, but the beauty that comes from within (and pleasing proportions). When I create a new painting, I ask myself “what would be a positive influence on society". I tell my models “No makeup, I want to see your natural beauty”. Beauty transcends all classes and cultures. I also incorporate a minimum amount of jewelry in a painting so as to not promote materialism.
A successful piece of art will always captivate, always presenting something fresh. Its beauty increases with time, not diminishes.

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The Mother-in-Laws' House © 1992 Ashkar
Oval: 22 x 28, Oil on Canvas

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