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Featured Painting: Young Lady with a Hat © 2017 Ashkar
Private Collection

Featured Painting: Finishing Touches © 2016 Ashkar

Featured Painting: Young Lady Seated © 2016 Ashkar
Private Collection

Featured Painting: Youth © 2009 Ashkar
See  Allegories

Featured Painting: Summer © 2003 Ashkar

Featured Painting: Woman in Green with Orange and Gold 2016 Ashkar
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Featured Painting: The Student © 2002 Ashkar
Print Published/Distributed by McGaw Graphics
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Featured Painting: The Three Graces © 2016 Ashkar
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  Sisters © 1994 Ashkar
Print Published/Distributed by Haddad's Fine Arts

Beauty of Color © 1992 Ashkar
Private Collection
Print Published/Distributed by Haddad's Fine Arts

Welcome to Ashkar Studios, Specializing in Portraying the Beauty & Intelligence of All Women...
...Also, other Genres for Your Pleasure.

Manhattan Mona Lisa  © 2001 Ashkar
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci ca 1505

Private Collection

The Empowerment of All Women © 2005 Ashkar

The Pleiades © 2006 Ashkar

Bixby Creek Bridge © 1990 Ashkar
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Ashkar Studios: P.O. Box 1337 Burbank, Ca. 91507-1337 USA

Email:     Telephone: (818)761-3156
© 2016 Tim Ashkar
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